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Safe Life, Safe Times

This song is by Diesel Park West and appears on the album Decency (1991).

I live the safe life, the only one I got
With a neat little system and room at the top
I don't need to hunt to get food for thought
Can't make no commitment in case I get hurt

I live the safe life
Safe, safe times rolling at you

Most of my associates got their heads screwed on
Know where they're happening and nowhere they're from
Whenever they see me they say 'good ole dong'
Then ask how I am, I say the beat goes on

Ah, the safe life
Safe, safe times rolling at you

When the blind boy plays
'Cause he's safe here in the garden
What is it makes him stay
When he don't crave no bargain anymore

Ah-ah, do, do-do, do, do
Ah-ah, do, do-do, do

Safe, safe times

Ain't nothing special the place called home
Somewhere to get back to when I'm international
I've got the directions, I don't need a map
For a couple of clods where I don't get attacked

I lived a safe time, yeah
Safe, safe times
(Yeah, yeah, yeah...)
Yeah, the safe life
(Yeah, yeah, yeah...)
Straight, straight times
Rolling at you again

Oh, look at her
She loves him, he hates her
But I love the grey
Love the rain in the air

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