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Opportunity Crazy

This song is by Diesel Park West and appears on the album Shakespeare Alabama (1989).

Down in the deep end
I can see you
Laughing in the face of quality
What good can that do?
With a ninety-nine vision
You can't see the wood for the trees
I know why you're cold
And can't sleep at night
You're opportunity crazy
Yes, you are, babe

Did you hear about Sanchez?
Did you hear what he had to do?
Ah, he had to be a heat seeker
But he couldn't get through
Well what took you so long?
It's good to have your attention
Ah if you say hi
I'll say what I like to you
You're opportunity crazy
Opportunity crazy
Opportunity crazy

You might turn to me and say
What if I live my life and I do nothing?
What if I live my life and I meet no one
Nothing at all?

Run to, run to it
Run to, run to it, run...

Opportunity crazy
Opportunity crazy
Opportunity crazy

Opportunity crazy

Your ears and your eyes and your face
It's your life

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...

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