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Shakespeare Alabama (1989)Edit

Diesel Park West - Shakespeare Alabama

Shakespeare Alabama

  1. Like Princes Do
  2. All The Myths On Sunday
  3. Bell Of Hope
  4. Out Of Nowhere
  5. The Waking Hour
  6. When The Hoodoo Comes
  7. Opportunity Crazy (European Release)
  8. Here I Stand
  9. Jackie's Still Sad
  10. A House Divided
  11. Don't Be Scared Of The Night (US release, European Bonus Track)
  12. Whatabout Us! (European Bonus Track)

Decency (1991)Edit

Diesel Park West - Decency


  1. While The World Cries Decency
  2. Walk With The Mountain
  3. Fall To Love
  4. Boy On Top Of The News
  5. Somewhere In The Afterglow
  6. Fine Lily Fine
  7. I Want No Mystery
  8. Till The Moon Struck Two
  9. Hot Summer Water
  10. Safe Life, Safe Times
  11. Clutching At Love

Versus the Corporate Waltz (1993)Edit

Diesel Park West - Versus the Corporate Waltz

Versus the Corporate Waltz

  1. Here On The Hill
  2. Six Days To Juju
  3. The Cat's Still Scratching
  4. Doesn't Candy Look Good
  5. You Killed Sugar Ray
  6. Vanity
  7. Where Will The Birds Sing?
  8. Wonderful (I Believe I'm Loving You)
  9. Good Times Liberation Blues
  10. Silver Girl
  11. Old Man's Bluff (The Earth Is Moving Faster)
  12. Hey Holly
  13. The Corporate Waltz

FreakGene (1995)Edit

Diesel Park West - FreakGene


  1. There's No Mercy On The Ground Tonight
  2. Hippie Gonna Get You
  3. (The) Natural Things
  4. I See No Ships
  5. Prison Letters
  6. I Won't Testify
  7. Pass It On
  8. Competition
  9. Get Ready
  10. Living Like A Movie
  11. Quit Hurtin'
  12. People Get Lucky
  13. The Price Of Life
  14. Your Perfect Face
  15. Sole Survivor

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