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Rubbing The Elf

This song is by Diesel Boy and appears on the album Venus Envy (1998).

This is the story of a girl named Ann
She's half-Japanese, mom's from Japan
She's sixteen, but she's going on thirty
Her mind is pure
But her thoughts are dirty

Dirty Ann likes to play with herself
She likes frigging the clit,
She likes rubbing the elf
She don't need men,
They don't understand
All she needs is her right hand

Ann likes to masturbate
She likes to make herself feel great
Ann likes to masturbate
When she gets aroused
She's gonna cum real loud
She likes to get off

When Ann gets off she likes to fantasize
Lie on her bed and close her eyes
She likes to dream about the boys from Rancid
She ties Tim up then she pulls his pants down

She likes to get off in her car
And in the bathroom at work behind the bar
She don't want love
She don't want romance
All she wants is her right hand

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