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This song is by Dies and appears on the album Aesthetics Of Violence (2007).

When I look beneath me, I see you
I see you in a ditch
The brain inside the skull is dead
A lifeless, lazy twitch

This shows you what's inside of me

When I look beneath you I see myself
Twitching, spasmodic, on fire
I want to think of you under my shoe
But as I think I sink in the mire
To lift myself above out of this pit
Is more than I can do
To be what I'm supposed to be means not to spit on you

There are so many things that destroy the brain
Indulge in not one but all,
Anything to dull the senses,
Anything to turn walk to crawl
Because to cease to think is to cease to care
And caring means thinking and more
Tedious is thought, and thus
Rot the thought at its core

When you take a drink you insult the retarded
A burden they begrudgingly bear
They were born into their condition,
You drink to follow them there

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