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Distant Shore

This song is by Dierks Bentley and appears on the album Dierks Bentley (2003).

Every day I swim an ocean fightin' your memory like endless waves
I've surrendered to the truth, I'll always love you but I know someday
I'm gonna reach the banks of a distant shore
Where I won't miss you anymore

Once in a while I'll ride the river of whiskey wishes from an old shot glass
But the way it used to be, follows me downstream, so I keep knockin' 'em back
'til I reach the distant shore
Where I won't miss you anymore

Someday I'm gonna get there
It might take my last prayer

But one these days I'm gonna cross that ocean, some sweet angel will set me free
And they'll tell my story, sing a song about glory, and read Psalms 23
When I reach the banks of that distant shore
Where I won't miss you anymore

Gonna rest my soul in the hands of the Lord
Where I won't miss you anymore

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