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If I Had a Gun

This song is by Diefenbaker.

Never thought that it would be this easy to break free
I guess it only shows me that I can function
And I function well and at times I cross that line
Act outside of parliament with a convincement that I'm right, I've got full coverage for what I do
Don't think you can claim that too
I have seen your actions they're just not good enough
So face it now, you're not half as right as me
All the cruel things you allow
Reflect themselves upon your personality
Upon your deeds, do you know
That it leaves a bitter taste
To have to swallow your own mistakes
Now's the time to take them on
Demolish everything that's wrong
It's time for you to revolve your views
There's better things to do than to take and not give back, show all living beings the appropriate respect
Expected future happiness is on trial
And has been so for a while - since birth of time
We've been chasing after taking more and giving less
A major flunk, we did not pass a given test
Erase that now, let's retake the test and give it one more try
We'll do it better, we'll show 'em how to function easily
- How things ought to be
With history's' fails and flaws as our guide
We'll change all things, yes, we will make things right

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