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Survival Instinct

This song is by Die Young and appears on the EP Survival Instinct (2005).

We are here
Divided in so many ways
Yet united through our suffering
The torment seems so inhumane
But it is the common thread of all humanity

What "god" all powerful
Could call us his creation's pinnacle?
It is "he" who should repent
For giving us the lack of sense and capability
To destroy this world with industry

I don't doubt we deserve the flood
All the disease and the damage done
It is the faithful who procreate
Who fuck us all into oblivion

How man is fallible
To think he can somehow maintain control
It is we who should relent
In our destructive drive for dominance

This is a strike against all gods--in "heaven" and on earth
We placed our faith in the unknown and ourselves on this world's throne
Then we spread like a plague across the seas
Driven by the animal roar inside commanding us to survive

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