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​For The Pernicious Race

This song is by Die Young and appears on the album The Message (2004).

We are the locusts, we are the plague
Infecting this world with our disease
We took a pure world, assumed it was our place
And then drowned it in concrete

We've turned this world into a living hell
Yet still we believe heaven awaits us somewhere fucking else...

If we ever arrive at this "heaven" we're waiting for
Let us suffer the pain of being denied at the door
These days are made long by the clocks we've made
This world lays dead under roads we've paved
We are the locusts
We are the plague

As we go ravaging field by field, we'll never get our fill
We'll never quench our appetite
Because we never stop to use our minds

Use your fucking mind...

(Fuck you, fuck me, fuck humanity)