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Believe In Nothing

This song is by Die Young and appears on the album The Message (2004).

Dismiss all that's wrong or right
Only the blind see in black and white
The cycles of cruelty have been passed down for centuries
As our relentless pursuit of truth absolute has kept us on our knees...

Awaiting mercy from the gods
Or the tyranny of their laws
Our ideas must evolve before we see their powers dissolve
We must adapt to the harshness of our changing world
There is no truth absolute, save for "change: subject to all"

Reality seen differently through each and every eye
There's no need to die for the fundamentals we've been taught
Because no truth divine would shackle the mind
With fear and contempt

Disregard all you think you know
Your beliefs are not your own
Disregard all you think you know
Clean the slate and begin again

Believe in no god
Believe in no law

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