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Shock Box

This song is by Die Warzau and appears on the album Big Electric Metal Bass Face (1991).

Our father who art in hell
Ten thousand years of sealed in celled insensate rough and beast-like visions
Souled in suicide holed incisions, mouse-like brain-like cowering heat like some decaying rotten meat
Trained sensations reeled elations
Body shards and hearts inflations
Wheeling can't be always
Can be soft of mind and purulent fancy feeding issue hardened cyst
You rock my brain like cancerous tissue

Diamond fists and churning flesh
Lest the lesser beast be blessed
One fever feeling always healing till my tainted skin gone peeling
Breathing, bleeding fresh and seething some infested tome worth reading
Saints and miracles, whores and lepers, interminable tainted suffers cattle
Bowlike piggish lowlife, no brain and sluggish wildlife, ministers stained and learned
Unlawful reddish teeth and faces awful, trained to mediate race and kind
Free the carnival of the mind from still succeeding, always needing, suction tips of long receding

Tentacle flesh and puckering mouths
Lip to lip in secret troughs
Seed of truth, insensible flutter
Every open heart won't mutter
The muted cries to still the mind
Free the silence of mankind
Interminable fleshhouse
Soft contemptuous master race of some incestuous bone


Ancient races, golden faces, slithering soft and warm embraces
Lies in whores, their quivering thighs, cover your mouth and avert your eyes

Our father who art in hell, ten thousand years of sealed in celled insensate rough and beastlike visions, souled in suicide holed incisions, mouselike brainlike cowering heat like some decaying rotten meat in trained sensations, reeled elations, body shards and hard sensations, close your mouth and cover your eyes

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