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​Tell Me

This song is by Die Wölfe.

1. Strophe
I've lost you
I know, I must find a way
A way against this pain
You should know, I love you like the first day

Know I'm sittin' here alone
Sing a song, and try to forget you
My thougts drift into space
You're killing me the way you do

Tell me - Where have you gone
Tell me - What have you done
I can't believe that this is true
But I know, I love you

2. Strophe
Yesterday you said you love me
But today, all the feelings are away
Yesterday you said you need me
Yeah I don't know what crossed our way

For everyone you're only a girl
But you know, for me you are the world
I hate you, 'cause it's so hard
So hard, that it has broken my heart

Nothing seems you're coming back
Nothing seems that there's any hope
These few words on the 2nd of may
Are still killing me today