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This song is by Die Shinzo.

You open up the door, and walk through
Check your coat, and step into
A hedonistic scene portrayed
Beneath the overcast of a smoke filled room
They watch you as start to bare
That smile, they turn their heads and stare
If they only knew what hid in there,
Behind blue eyes and tangled hair

Can you tell me what you were thinking
When the bodies dropped?
Their hearts stopped beating
But you still couldn't get enough, could you?

The dj puts a vinyl record on
Wipes his brow, and commences to spin
Your favourite song
You sing along, as the blade concealed beneath your skirt
Springs to life, and longs to hurt
You close your eyes, and make a fist
You trendy fucking influent

I'd believe you if the bodies weren't piling up
With the lipstick marks and emotional scars
That signify your art
This is your water-mark

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