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This song is by Die My Darling and appears on the album Virulent (2002).

I am tired of this situation, this predilection
Me, you and this co-dependent infection
Your manufactured morality - plastic
My tolerance for pain - elastic
As beneath your pharmaceutical synapses I squirm

So now I invoke you, yeah, I invoke you

Why just won't you let me
Why just won't you let me
Why won't you let me - sleep

Your tenacious grip on Heaven
Is laced with cancerous intentions
This consuming affliction
An effect of forced contrition
And I've been reduced to a sheep - in wolf's clothing
A creature of self-loathing
A sycophant, a follower, a groveler
Terrified, betrayed, weak

I don't know what to believe
Must go, must breathe
Can't stay, won't deceive
I don't need you with me

This monster upon my bed
I met once upon a dream
My misplaced Catholicism
Forcing me to relinquish this dream
And I have given it, of my own distressed volition
Given power to your violence, lack of silence, shame and hate
And find myself too weakened to retaliate

And now, beneath my swollen cerulean eyes
Something breathes unbeknownst to your bi-polar lies
A burnt umber world, scarlet petal slumber
A mural in which I may smile - unencumbered
Yeah, kissed by a seraph
Reclaiming my mantra, my dogma, my religion, my decision

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