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Odyssey Of The Mind

This song is by Die Krupps and appears on the album III - Odyssey Of The Mind (1995).

Original video
Sitting in a cage
An open cage
You're used to its measures
Used to the way it feels
It gives you security
And eases your anxiety
The fear of the unknown
The fear to be all alone
The desire to leave home
The nightmare of being torn

I set my mind on something
I would like to be
And I open up the door
There is so much to explore

I set my mind on things
That I would like to see
And I open up the door
There is so much more to score

I sure could leave this cell
But I don't
I should leave this hell
But I won't
There is only one way out of this
It is to travel by mind - noiseless
The body is trapped but the mind soars free
The body is caged but the mind soars free

Music by:

Jürgen Engler & Lee Altus

Lyrics by:

Jürgen Engler

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