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This song is by Die Krupps and appears on the album III - Odyssey Of The Mind (1995).

Original video
Isolation is like serving time
Except in this case I've done no crime
I choose to be alone to search my soul
To see if there is good in this heart with a hole

I had no control when I lived out there
My life became a nightmare
There is no love in isolation
All you have is your imagination

I live in a world created on my own
Contempt for the outside keeps me alone
Isolation is for me
The only way to be free

Isolation is liberation
When desperation is what you feel
Isolation is liberation
When desperation is what you feel

Isolate myself
Free myself
Isolate myself
Be myself

Music by:

Jürgen Engler & Lee Altus

Lyrics by:

Jürgen Engler

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