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The Galant Enticer's Tango

This song is by Die Kammer and appears on the album Season III: Solace In Insanity (2016).

Isn't it a shame
To waste such a man
Such a perfect, handsome, charming god of love
God of love like me
On just one single fish
Just a single fish out in the sea?

Wouldn't you agree
I made 'em shout with glee
Such a perfect, gladsome, melody of love
So how can it be that
You put the blame on me
For this sweetest fruit of a poisonous tree

'Cause all the ladies who've fallen for me
They all burst into flames
Oh, I've never meant to hurt them
I know I'm not to blame

Isn't it a shame
Now look what I became
A disheveled, drooling, bloody lump of meat
A lump of meat like me
Can't find my arms, my feet
Feeding fishes out there in the sea

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