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This song is by Die Kammer and appears on the album Season III: Solace In Insanity (2016).

He's just a man in the street
Some kind of sequacious
Who'd never dare to cheat
Or to be wholeheartedly tenacious
Who'd cherish daily routine
Abiding all the laws
And taken by spleen
Never questions the cause

Chuffed with a window-seat
And speaking in tongues
He's rowing to the beat
Of executive drums

Life is comfortable - amongst the common
Life is comfortable - watching the others

Buried in the attic
A secret hiding place
A world full of magic
Oh, he's lost in its embrace
The temple of his nurture
Which is lost in time and space

Chuffed with a single-malt
Ignoring the chains
He's rowing to the beat
Someone else holds the reins

Your Life is comfortable - but boring to the bone
Your Life is comfortable - cold hearted and alone
Your Life is comfortable - oh, wait, your mom is on the phone

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