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​Love For Life

This song is by Die Kammer and appears on the album Season III: Solace In Insanity (2016).

Stay a little while by my side
Stay a little while, let's leave the world behind
I seek to beguile
My lily of the nile
Just to love you
For a while

This is what I call
Love for Life

Stay a little while watching the tide
Just a little while will ease your tortured mind
Stay a little while, the star's ain't blind
Look o'er the spile, and see what you will find
It'll conjure a smile
On my lily of the nile
To see life's loved you
All the while

Thankfulness, for every breath we take Every shove that guided us
Towards the awake
Gratitude, for all that's there to come
And the fierce conviction
All is one