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​Auld Weeping Willow

This song is by Die Kammer and appears on the album Season III: Solace In Insanity (2016).

The Dunborough Meadows are keeping a secret of deep mystery
They say that the truth has been buried at the root of some dignified tree
An old silent witness of gruesome occurrences a long time ago
It looks like it withstood a thousand years of tempests and blows

The storm is all around
Pouring rain and gloomy thunderclouds
So hold out
Auld Weeping Willow
And stand your ground
Stand your ground

A quirky young maiden grew up in the village, as different as sweet
Her name was Cathrine but they all called her Catkin, like the willow tree's seed
The Dunborough Meadows have been her favourite playground since she was a child
That unlucky place where she's seen for the very last time

A late autumn evening, the villagers sat by the flickering lights
When someone outside screamed that catkin didn't come back from the meadows tonight
And everyone hurried and look out for her, till the torches ran out
But neither they found the young lady
Nor saw that small sprout
In the ground