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Santa Teresa En Fuego

This song is by Die Hoffnung.

Blowtus-breathers, petrified hoods, verdurban slummbers;
Tattooed tinder, gross skindling, all, pieces in pieces.
Slow-cooked.My head's a hone for seacrets.
Never met a frog I didn't lick.
Cockles cackle; crab-dappled trees;
Poppy-seads champ at the beach.
Yore seas, new sleaze, snake and leech-
Trampsubstance-you are what they eat.
Mongreloids. Tourporists.
By Quetzalcoatl I'm cunninglikissed.
Myind talks ick, a farrogo;
Divine reptile liquor lipped.
A bawdy so bonny and fretid,
The flame of the land,
Lava in lamb;
The cracks in my cuntry breathe fire.
White boys will burn! White boys will burn!

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