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​Der Autounfull

This song is by Die Hoffnung.

Calamity Brass Band's opus opens upon ruin:
Moonshine Maid;
Her houses split, splayed and slain;
Crushed coach agroan, aflame;

Broke-back glass lass.
Moonlight March of the Weeping Wounds:
Besotto voce, a tripping drip.
(Crashendo to soused soreliloquoy)
"Languid is limb; bodice is hearse.
It sops leak, the grass below does sip so."
And also:
"Language is limp; body, it hurts.
Atop sleep a crass bellow does tip-toe."
Then together:
"Come, Hero!"
Alarum bella: Donna Luna.
We daffy dance, somnambulance.
Our midnight metier, what bold boys crave:
Something to slay, someone to save.
A high light so splits the night:
Glory insatiate.
The sky spills seraph in blood-thirst and flight.
Hellion, try speech.
Walk on kissed feet.
Forgive God's greed.
Quit sleep, save me.