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This song is by Die Happy and appears on the album Bitter to Better (2005).

Sometimes the answer
To all of my questions
Are to much for me to hear
Truth can be painfull
And hard to prepare for
I'm glad I've got you near
If I had a heart of stone
I could turn the other cheek
But that's not me, no
I soak it up I take it in
Try to deal with everything I feel

The ugliness in this big world
Brings me down and makes me sad
You are perfect
You're the one who makes me see
That everything's much better
Than it seems to be
You are perfect

You were the answer
To all of my questions
About a million times
(Yes you are!)

You make all the difference
You lead the way and point out all the lies
You open up, you open up my eyes

Where would I be without you
You make me perfect

When I'm a mess
When I need someone to run to
You are there right next to me