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Help Me

This song is by Die Happy and appears on the album Red Box (2010).

Goodbye to the darkness
Goodbye to lies
I'm gone for tomorrow
So sick and tired
Goodbye my wannabe friends
I see you through
You better save your energy
No missuse
Cause now I'm leaving just don't know when

Help me, help me, help me, help me
Catch my life
Take me, take me, take me
To the other side
Ready steady go
I'm running
It's unbelievable
I'm going home

Day one of my new life
Comes soon enough
I'll be gone for tomorrow
Let's spend the night together
Goodbye to my memories
Co long my past
Only me and my suitcase
God please bless me
'Cause I'm leaving just don't know when
Hope I find the way

Step by step
I'm going
Step by step
I'm having enough
Step by step
Catch me if you can

No more penalties
No more truck stops
No more promises
'Cause I'm going home, going home
I'm so sure

Step by step
I'm going home

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