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Rachel, I'm A Wretched Idealist

This song is by Die, Emperor! Die! and appears on the album Live at Burned Out Bright's Last Show (2003).

I think of the distance between us
And the thousand faces wandering between you and me
I am awaiting the arrival of your next letter
Whose postmark gets closer to the day when you'll arrive home
Letter to letter
Thought to thought
I tally the distance between
I see the distance reflected in the world before me
In the faces of those who I see walking the streets of this city
In the reflections of their faces on the sides of the skyscrapers above
And in our talk as we sit on our front porches at midnight with the red sky above us
From person to person
I tally the distance between
And I conclude that our only hope is each other
Let this be our battlecry
Let this be our song
I await the arrival of your next letter