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​Youth's Gone Thrashin'

This song is by Die! and appears on the album I Hope You Die (2005).

Eating some junk food, drinking a Coke
Grabbing my deck and I'm ready to go!
Out with my friends, doing silly things
Laughing and riding, it's my youth in the "scene"
Coming back late, tired to death
Been to a show and skated all night
That's the good life, the best I can get
I have no remorse, I have no regrets!

Don't give a fuck about your boredom
What we call hardcore is also about fun!
The message is important and the fun is too
I'm a youngster what am I gonna do?!

Watching "Ban-This", still doin' old tricks
Trying to repeat what I've see on the screen
Germs in my stereo, or JFA...
Skateboard and punk what else can I say?
My... youth... my... my youth's gone thrashin'!