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Swagger Like Puff

This song is by Diddy.

I like it when you say my name.
This is a state of emergency
What y'all want me to do, I'm sorry hahaha
I'm back bitches
I ain't letting you go nowhere
It's like y?all niggers never knew this, check this out, c?mon

No one on the corner have swagger like puff
Swagger like puff, swagger like puff
No one on the corner have swagger like puff
Swagger like puff, swagger like puff
No one on the corner have swagger like puff
Swagger like puff swagger like puff
No one on the corner have swagger like puff
Swagger like us, swagger like puff

Sing this song for me bitch
Hey yo P give me my gun
These are just warning shots before I get started
I don't wanna hurt nobody
Duck Down niggers,
Take that, ah

Mr. Combs is in the building
I'll take your bitch, Ill crush your building
Fuck it I'll give her children
Swag at a hundred, trillion, Zillion
Bitch Brazilian, hair color chameleon's,
Skin tone vanilla, two scoops of chilling.
Ciroc Blue Ice
Anything you do, I do twice
What you do, I don't do like you
No one on the planet, nobody more famous
Lavish or more savage
Who the fuck you think matters,
Number one Puff daddy ring leader of the Palace
Is Baaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd Boy
Throw the B's in the air and scream oh yeah
Baaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd Boy

I like it when you say my name,
This is not a remix
It's just the truth
I couldn't make this shit up if I tried
Hey yo, I ain't finished with you motherfuckers,
Check this out,

No one on the corner even close to my swag, I ain't gonna buy a boat,
I bought a store on fifth ave,
No one on the corner raise hell like this, go to war with a coast and get a star for that shit,
And you can learn a lot by jacking jacking my style jacking jacking my style, Y?all been jacking for a while,
Fresh from Argentini, bitches in bikinis,

Maserati like copra Asti martini,
I'm the king of zamunda, mirror mirror who is on my corner,
My shades too dark to see you loser?s,
No one on my corner by law I'm the ruler,
Go back to your jeweler tell'em make you more cooler,
Am a rich dude, baby this is big dick rules,
I make dating R&B chicks cool,
And I ain't got no cooth, I ain't got no roof,
All I got is my word, so my swag is the truth,

No one on the corner got swagger like puff
Swagger like puff, swagger like puff
Hey yo, attention all DJ?s,
I know You may want to go to another record,
But, haha,
If I was you I would hold up for a minute,
I got some more shit to talk,
Nobody does it better motherfucker,
Check this out,

Diddy mother fucker am a bad boy billionaire
Hundred carat pinky in the air,
In the betters bit in the corner,
I just shift a little gear
Cops speed top free topless bitches everywhere,
I could drop a hundred mill like it really ain't nothing,
I'm a forbes top hundred
You a forbes top nothing,
I got houses in Miami,
Mermaids up in them fishing tanks,
I've been spending hundreds since Ferrari square bodies in them,
Everybody pay homage to that raisin in the sun,
I've been raising little sons since 98 no wait 91,
I'm you nigger's godfather,
Motherfuckers why bother,
When you flys I be on your clothes coming charter
On a G5 jerky looking like b five hundred,
Hotter than the sun, I be in Ibiza smoking weed
I'm higher than a mountain top,
Baby put your mouth on top (come on) little lolli pop
Suck it till your hymen pops,
Niggers wanna climb the charts, I'm already up there
Shit I did ten years ago is still up there
And I can't stop, all these motherfucking number ones,
I'mma retire at number one
Set fire to you number ones,
Baby where I'm coming from is nine hundred ninety nine millis till I'm nine hundred ninety nine billi
Who can fuck with me?

(No one on the corner)

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