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​Hello Good Morning Remix

This song is by Diddy-Dirty Money.

Hello good morning

(Nicki Minaj)
I just came up in it a little bit self centered
But did I kill a queen
The alexander mcqueen
Got the wrist on glow
The bottles is on cold
Got that shimmy shimmy yeah shimmy yeah ayou
What the f-ck I look like b-tch I run this town
I ain't coming out for less then 100 thou

Man last time I checked I was bubblin
Out got to turn down shows out in dublin now
Wait wait hold up maybe they didn't get that there
Like 11 hundred horses when I swithched that gear then
I swerved on em' sorta like I missed that dear
Then I press the little button on the sit back ch
Air b-tch I do it 'cause I do it I got billion dollar credit if you got a million dollars you could put it up and bet it I just be like hello hello but I never could salute them young money I do it for the youth them