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​Oooh, Ooh, Saint Nick

This song is by Dick Mace.

Santa Claus was scootin'across the roof tops 'bout the break of day.
You better step aside because this bearded man is headin' on his way.
He must think it's Trick-or-Treat, 'cause his costume can't be beat.
Ooh, Ooh, Saint Nick

Ol' Kris Kringle is the dude that all the girls and boys want to see.
He's bringin' all his goodies and a big bright Cadillac for me.
I said, Boy you must be out your mind, ain't you heard of Christmas time?
Ooh, Ooh, Saint Nick

He spends the whole year makin' toys for all good little girls and boys, flyin' through the sky on Christmas Eve.

The goodies that he brings to us,
Never with a single fuss.
Man, this dude's hard to believe.

Now, that Yuletide's over, and Santa's got to get back opn his way.
He jumps up in his woodie, and he cracks that whip, and reindeer pull that sleigh.
Oh, what fun we'll have next year, if we could just live without fear.
Ooh, Ooh, Saint Nick