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Time stands still here
but nobody seems to notices

The air stands still in this oblivion
as if the wind no longer lives
the quiet pains my ears
I wish i'd never lost you

While dreaming one remembers
the time before our time
you forget all worry
which makes you a bit stronger
you abstain from many things
and tell yourself you're as smart as a philosopher
you dishonor so many things
and are as deaf as a drunk

Will you never understand me?
Will you never then understand?
Have you never seen
How my eyes glisten?

No one wants to trust you anymore
nor express words of true kindness
See your shadow already fading
there a haze on the horizon

for it is time, for a new melody, for a new fantasy, for a new harmony

I stand and leave now
to a strange, faraway place
Random faces entice me
So I'll never be home