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To Conquer The Angel's Laugh

This song is by Diary of Dreams and appears on the album Cholymelan (1994).

To conquer the angel's laugh
An urge implied
A captious offer in your hands
My hymne of praise denied
Disguising, fading scarlet of your belief
Drowning gently in commands
It's your defeat

Mephisto, my fallen angel
Corrupted patience in your eyes
Your urge to rise denied
Your justice shivering in faded trust
Mankind like puppets in your hands
It's our defeat

Mephisto, o Mephisto
Our shattered pride inhaled by you
Rejecting innocence
Betrayed by your own kind - a selfish deed
I'm calling you to conquer me
Rescue me

To conquer the angel's laugh
Inside my head
An urge to feel temptation rise
A deed of pure illusions
To conquer the angel's laugh
Inside my head
To feel just silence move
And I'll regret...

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