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Flood Of Tears

This song is by Diary of Dreams and appears on the album Bird Without Wings (1997).

Mother see, that all my life
I planted flowers to survive
And as they faded I stopped to speak
I painted flowers
and nobody knows why.....

No awakening, no lullaby
I only felt the need to try
To have the guts or the stupidity
To grab for stars, that I can't reach at all

Father see, that I have tried
To find that angel deep inside
That you once promised I would meet
And once again I ended in defeat

Even here I could feel your eyes
Heard your whispers and felt your lies
Brother said "Come back to life"
I asked some friends
and nobody knew why .....

Nobody had ever seen
my flood of tears
I can't believe you found me here

It took some time to find these words
I wrote them down in hope that they might help
Watch me walk barefoot on glass
Insecure as only a newborn child can be

Others came to laugh at me
They pointed fingers as I could see
Believe me saying it's not the skin
It's the stranger living deep inside

Mother see, that all my life
I painted flowers to survive
And as they faded I stopped to paint
I fell asleep
and nobody knows why.....

Father see, that I have tried
To build a world with only me inside
Millions of flowers surround my bed
Now I still grab for stars and I can reach them all

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