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This song is by Diary of Dreams and appears on the album One Of 18 Angels (2000).

I'm bursting all your bubbles
I'm cold while you deceive
I don't care about your troubles
I pray to get some sleep

Define the state of matter
Declare your eyes the war
You should have known it better
But still you wanted more

Mystical, not physical
Is there faith enough for all these souls?
Hysterical, not logical
Is there room enough for all their shells?

Pale forces in fake environment
And biblical speeches so full of regret
Strange voices so full of agony
It sounds like it reaches deep into my head

Suffocate, deliberate
It is within, it is without
Gestures, eyes and invocations
It hides somewhere
Waiting - for he is yet to come...

I begged for answers all my life
Is it true crime to say the truth?

This world is darker...
This life is darker...
...darker than before.

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