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This song is by Diary of Dreams and appears on the album One Of 18 Angels (2000).

It's kind of strange how
You put the blame away from you
I understand now
We were in danger of ourselves
What is our flesh for
If not to feel our mortal shell?
What is our soul for
If not to know we never die?


I try to face now
What I did never understand
What are these words you speak?
Why are they all unkown to me?

Welcome to Babylon
The traitors' homes of nower days
Come feel my terror
Or watch the anger rise in me

You'd like to faint now
To fall asleep into my arms
Where is your fate now
The one you spoke of in my arms

What was this war for
If it is you who wins at last?
What is your word for
If it is us who break the laws?

Detest my vices
Watch the signs I've given you
I speak of silence
And fear the sound of human kind

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