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​Ruby Red

This song is by Diarrhea Planet and appears on the album Turn to Gold (2016).

When you're young
And they jam it into your head
Where it withers and dies
And what's left can come from your heart, you'll never get out a word

With all your might and you want to throw it away
The highest blessing you ever will contain
'Cause you got all that trouble buzzing in your brain
All that was sacred just becomes waste again
It comes crawling in
The shape of a lie
And the word alone

So yeah
I don't know what's wrong with you
Say the word and I'll be willing
I hate to see what brought us down so far
Oh yeah
I want to dance this day with you
I don't know where to I'm running
I just hope my baby's right beside

I know we're running babe
What are we running from here
The world's been running babe
Let's run in love

And while we're running
You ought to keep it in mind
Don't know about promises
Or what you love

But I know enough to care
And as long as we're all living
Gonna see I'll do it right this time

Oh yeah
Gonna blame it on the world
But you know that we're missing
Anything you keep locked inside