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This song is by Dianne Reeves and appears on the album Quiet After The Storm (1994).

You could smile away the storm clouds
Even fill an empty space
And it feels just like sunshine baby
When that smile lights up your face
I'm so glad we're together

I can't dream of a better place
That I'd rather be
Than right here with you loving me
With a smile that makes the angels start to sing

La la la la la la...
La la la la la la...

And I know there's no better place
That I'd rather be
When you hold me close in your arms
I can feel your heart beat inside of me

I have found my oasis
A treasure island in the sea
Waves of love and understanding
With a smile that captivated me
I will cherish the day
That you chased all my storm clouds away
With your smile

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