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I'm Okay

This song is by Dianne Reeves and appears on the album The Grand Encounter (1996).

Winters of my life
They've been around so long
It's been so cold inside
But then again I know

I'm all right
I'm okay
Many roads, many wrong turns
No matter where I went
My past was always there
Used to think all the troubles were meant for me
Lots and lots of times
When life was hitting harder
I never had the strength to stop and say
I'm all right
I'm okay
Many times, many lovers
Who never got the chance to love the way I love them
Ran away after taking a part of me
Many nights, many tears
Many dreams, many fears
But I came to the end with a smile

'Cause I'm all right
I'm okay
The rains may fall
The winds may blow my hopes away
But in time I know I can always say
I'm all right
I'm all right
I'm okay

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