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Stay Away From Bill

This song is by Diane Schuur.

"(Karrin Allyson)
If you want a man you can love
and be his one and only

(Deedles Schuur)
If you want a man who will be there
and always will

K: If this is who you're looking for
D: The prince who's going to show up
at your door

Both: Whatever you do,
Stay away from Bill

(Horn & piano interlude)

D: Stay away from Bill, he's a beast
and you'll always be lonely

K: He won't ever call, and he'll run
when he's had his fill

D: He'll put you on a pedestal

K: That's right before he puts you
through the mill

Both: Whatever you do,
Stay away from Bill

Both: If you're wonderin' if there's any good in him
When it comes to Bill, the answer's no

He'll lie and deceive you
He'll love you and leave you
and ohhhhhh.....

D: You'll be miserable

K: So stay away from Bill
'Cause he's bad, and he's nothin' but trouble

D: (He's nothin' but trouble)

K: Stay away from Bill

D: (counterpoint) Stay away from Bill

K: If you do

Both: And you're gonna be fiiiiiiine.....

D: He'll have you and hurt you
and then he will desert you

K: He'll shock you and shake you
He'll rock you and he'll break you

Both: He'll chill you and thrill you
He'll kill you, then he'll bill you


D: That boy is mine

K: No, that boy is mine

D: Did you hear me, girlfriend?
That boy is mine

K: I heard you loud and clear
That boy is mine

D: No he's not, no he's not

K: (humming)

D: I'll tell you one more time, girlfriend,
He's mine

D: (humming)

K: Deedles, that boy is mine

D: Karryn, that boy is mine

(Karryn - scatting)

(Deedles - scatting)

K: Stay away from Bill

D: Stay away from Bill"

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