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Love Story

This song is by Diana Ross and appears on the Soundtrack album Diana! (1971).

I like your brother
I like your mother
And I like you !
I like you too

We'll get a preacher
A preacher already ?
I'll buy the ring
And we can hire a band
With a violin and an accordeon
And a tenor who can sing

You and me, you and me, baby
You and me...

We'll have a kid
Oh... we may have to rent one
He's got to be straight
'Cause we don't want a bent one
We sure want no bent one

He will drink his baby booze
From a big breast cup
Someday he'll may be president
If things loosen up

You and me, you and me, baby
You and me...

When our kids are grown
With kids of their own
They'll send us away
To a little home in Florida
Where we can play checkers
Playin' checkers can be fun

You and me, you and me, baby
You and me...

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