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A Little Girl A Little Boy A Little Moon

This song is by Diana Panton.

Seen a park at the dark, me for moonlight mellow
Just a glance then romance, what a lucky fellow
A little girl, a little boy, a little moon
A little nook, a little brook, a night in tune

While the little stars are gleaming
They're dreaming and skimming
A little walk, a little talk, a little bliss
A little no, a little yes, a little kiss

And very soon a little touch of wedding tune
A little girl, a little boy, a little moon
Time, a year, [Incomprehensible] is here, park his left behind them
Happy he, happy she, this is where you'll find them

A little lane, a little house up on a hill
A little Jack who hurries back to meet his Jill
At the little [Incomprehensible] they're kissing but someone is missing
A little ma, a little pa creep up the stair

A little lad who looks like dad is sleeping there
And through the trees they hear the breeze
It seems to croon a little girl, a little boy, a little moon


Written by:

Robert King; Harry Warren

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