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Lucky Star

This song is by Diana Fox.

Diana Fox - Lucky Star

You are on my mind
You are so far away from me
Dark is the night
Open your eyes and you will see

Love like the roads
Like a candle in the wind
Let ours grow
Don't turn away

I be could a luck star
Your everlasting love, Hey, Hey
You be could my super star
A couldn't get enough of your love


Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey

Don't turn away
I know you can see my broken heart
Why don't you stay
We've got two hearts, so far apart

Every road
Every road, it's got the gold
And you need me most
You turn away

(Refrain) (2x)

Hey, Hey

Like the rhythm
It's to the ocean
My love is flowing to your heart
It will never start
Is strong together
For now and forever
You could be my lucky star

(Refrain) (2x)

Hey, Hey

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