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This song is by Diana De Mar and appears on the album Gypsy Girl (2004).

Unification for every nation
Unification is her formation
Unification, communication
Unification, It's her creation

A lioness chilling at the top of her hill
Now you're gonna hear the story of her will (Don't get it twisted)
It might seem like a fantasy
But to the lioness it was the way that life should be

Every animal playing in the jungle
Sparrows riding elephants sitting on their trunks
Monkeys and hippos splashing in a mud bath
Made the lioness roar and laugh

Hyenas sharing honey with the bees
Swinging on the vines together in the trees
Parakeets and tigers helping one another
One big family, sisters and brothers

You should have seen this lioness
This was a perfect beast with nice naturals
And a nice booty you can pet all night
But she didn't know if her mission was becoming accomplished or not
Then she looked down into the valley where the village is
And saw a mixture of the races and exotic faces

Dark skinned children with slanted eyes
The way they got along was no surprise
To the lioness who's used to this
She loves when the colors of the rainbow kiss

She roared from the hill to the world below
"Keep mixing those colors that's the way to go"
If you want beauty, better keep on mixing
Make a melting pot with all the fixin's

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