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The Gypsy Way

This song is by Diana De Mar and appears on the album Gypsy Girl (2004).

(Diana DeMar) Written by Diana DeMar/Mike Burrell/Dee Dee O' Malley
C 2004 huntress records

My eyes at five years old saw things they should have never seen
Flying pans and scary sounds made growing up less than a dream
Scream hiding underneath the table
Love - I didn't have it then so why pretend that I don't need it now?
I'm reaching out for this world to be my family

Spend a day with my blues
Walk a mile in my shoes
Tears and laughter
Song and dance
Clap your hands
The Gypsy's chant
Todo esta muy bello
It's all good and we live for today
Vive! Vive!
The Gypsy Way.

Why - did I have to find a stranger to
Show me the way to be, the way to see the world
And deal with life.
I'm reaching out for this world to be my family.


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