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​I Need

This song is by Diana De Mar and appears on the album Gypsy Girl (2004).

Music and Lyrics by Diana DeMar
C 2004 huntress records

I was searching for you as a lost little girl
For the meaning of my existence
Every day and night I'm filled with so much love
(I always want what's difficult to possess)

I need your spirit, I need acceptance
I need to feel your presence
I need the faith and hope of being with you
I need your spirit, I need acceptance
I need new strength and courage
Live together and embrace a brand new day.
(I need your love)

I can feel you everywhere,
All the magic you bring
Leads me in the right direction
Help me build a world filled with peace and love.

(I don't wanna play by the rules)

Chorus: Repeat

(I need yuor love-4x)

Chorus: Repeat

(Are you listening?)