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The Short Song

This song is by Diana Anaid and appears on the album I Don't Think I'm Pregnant (1999).

What if I died on an aeroplaine - would it take my fear away
What if I died at a football game - would I make the front page
Will I see lights, will I be free, will I be there with god and me
Will I be famous now, but what if it doesn't matter anyhow

What if I died while I masterbate - Will I be disowned and disgraced
What if I died on heroin - Will somebody get a raise
Remember when I said it's ok if I'm dead
Remember when I said it's ok
What if I die of an S.T.D and I'm never on late t.v
What if I'm not on Letterman or on Oprah Winfrey
What if I died at a masquerade and noone knows my name
What if I'm gay and I die of A.I.D.S?
What if it's ok