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This song is by Diana Anaid.

Fuckwits in uniform trying to make me conform
I won't subscribe to your magazine don't try to convert me
You can't stand above me because I won't kneel down
You think that your winning but you're losing
'cause I don't respect you I don't like the things
That you do I won't be a part of your game 'cause
I don't like the way you play
But I'll stay around and laugh for a while at
The robot with the plastic smile
I know I'm frightening you I don't react like
You would want me to but I've got better
Things on my mind than becomming
Something you like
'cause whatever you like would be
Something I can't stand and I don't
Try to make you mad but i could
Bring out the best inside it'd be
So good to see a robot cry
And you stand there but you
Can't see me 'cause your
Eyes are closed and I
Don't mind if you
Picture red 'cause me,
I'm a rose.

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