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Paper Hat

This song is by Diana Anaid and appears on the album I Don't Think I'm Pregnant (1999).

If all was said between us just as we thought it-for once
You'd understand me, you'd be a lot more friendly
And I'm just speechless all of a sudden
And you ask if I'm ok, I had a really bad day
You'd want a better reason than that
I said I would share my paper hat
If walls could smile they'd be just like me I guess
'cause I'm not all that talkative you may have noticed
So if I've got something to say
You might wanna really concentrate
Otherwise you'll miss it
You'd wanna have a better reason than that
I said I would share my paper hat
You say you'd be my kind if I was a queen
Well I am so good at pretending
And I've fought so hard but now I'm giving in
So we can share this paper hat I'm wearing

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