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Love Song For A Girl

This song is by Diana Anaid and appears on the album I Don't Think I'm Pregnant (1999).

She's slightly crooked but I like it for what's underneath
She hogs the bed and talks in her sleep
Her rooms like one big pillow and you can dive right into if you dare
But she's usually there
She'll make you wish you were her or wish she were dead
She has the most peculiar effect on men and on me
And i'm a few days older and i'm like her sister
Only i fell so easy
This is a love song for a girl
This is for a girl
This is a love song for a girl
This is a love song
This is for a girl
This is a love song
This is for a girl
This is for a girl
She's a butter babe, she's a crumpet queen
She's everything I'm not but were sharing
And she drives around the country side
With me in a tour bus
And we're telling jokes and laughing out the window
And I remember screaming my face off on her shoulder
I think I died in her arms once or twice
And whenever I need her she knows it and she's there before I am
Just like supergirl in disguise
I couldn't sleep before dawn, she didn't want to we'd find
So many crazy things to do to pass the time
We'd leave the curtains drawn so we didn't sleep too long
And sometimes i'd face the day or she would drive me to town
And I look up to her because she's clever
I follow her around 'cause she's me on a good day
And I watch her real close because she's so pretty
And I hear everything she has to say