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Secret Song (Little Fux)

This song is by Diana Anaid and appears on the album I Don't Think I'm Pregnant (1999).

I can walk in your footsteps wet on the rocks before me
I could fall and you would catch me
I sit on the matress swing you underneath me
Head over heart, listen to you breathing
I lay in the water, want you to take the tide with me
It's making me crazy, they're still biting
I and you we found a spot that was round and soft
I tried to dive in your horizon, got distracted
I see that look creep on your face again
I never thought anything could take my mind off you
It's amazing what those flyers could do
Your eyes tell me where you'd rather be
Making it real with me
I could sit in your wet glance shy on my skin
Before you turned a second ago you were smiling
While the temperatures rising
Why don't we try a cold cave, hope they don't like the change
It's unpredictable but here I am again in the rain
On a slippery surface in a strange place
Other things to do, other things to say