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Leaving The Country

This song is by Diana Anaid and appears on the album Diana Ah Naid (1996) and on the album Beautiful Obscene (2004).

I saw a letter it was written in your handwriting
But it wasn't for me
Saying you'll miss everyone when you're gone
Leaving the country
I pretended not to know and you just pretend
See how long you can keep up my hopes
Before it all ends

You're so cruel to me

The first time we really went out together
I was so excited
Until you turned up with one of your mates
And it was just another night then
You told him you were going away for a year
You couldn't even say it to my face you didn't even care

You're so cruel to me, I forgive you so easily
Even though your mean, I forgive you so easily

I laughed when you were leaving
So you'd remember me that way
Then I found a little hole to crawl in
And I cried for a year and a day
It's really good to see you, I'd love to touch you too
I know things have changed
And you keep away
But can't I say I miss you.

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